Routine Delivery

Routine Delivery is a VOID quest.

The quest began with Nomi Vih’torr picking up a job from Rumtree – a legal job board for transport ship captains. The job was offered by an unknown person known only as Mr E

_“He didn’t give his name but the job seems like a good one. He’s offering about double what Hold {Korran Hold} will pay, too. It’s a simple transport job – pick up the cargo on Kashyyyk and drop it off at Nal Hutta. I know, I know, Hutts are vile but we‘ll be leaving the cargo with their servants so we won‘t have to deal with the big slugs directly.”

“The only catch is we’re forbidden from looking inside the crates. Doesn’t bother me, I’d rather not open it up and find a bunch of Hutt bikinis….eurgh.”_ ~ Nomi Vih’torr

The crew made their way to a landing site on Kashyyyk. Loubacca’s knowledge of his homeworld was able to reveal more about the location. This village is not marked on up to date maps of Kashyyyk, but it used to be. It was a small village used for the trade of pelts and prey hunted by a small tribe of Wookiees, they were very skilled at bringing in rare or dangerous prizes. Loubacca recalled that the tribe suddenly lost contact one day years ago, though nobody found any clues as to what happened to them or where they went. There was a search for a couple of weeks but after they found no clues it was called off and the village abandoned. Superstitions about a curse on the village for hunting a revered beast soon began to spread, keeping even the most curious adventurer away.

They were greeted by a smartly dressed human guard who invited them to come aboard a small sports shuttle while the cargo was loaded. As they were coming aboard, a Wookiee was just leaving. He was well armed and did not wish to speak to the crew. Aboard the shuttle was Kiro Nunb, a well dressed Sullustan. She welcomed them into her office and offered them a seat – an offer which Loubacca refused as he remained standing throughout. She conversed a while with the crew though give few details of the job, except to remind them to use discretion and not examine the goods. As they were leaving, she touched Loubacca’s arm and commented on the softness of his fur.

The crew left and went into orbit above Kashyyyk. It was here that their keen senses detected something off about the cargo. Anhakha could smell something oddly familiar but couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Loubacca then made the attempt and found the smell to be all to familiar – it smelled like home. It carried the scent of his people. Sensing no life signs from within the box, the crew attempted to open it. Eventually a hard bash revealed the suspected contents – though an anti tamper device was triggered in the process! Green dye stained the outside of the otherwise pure white box, as well as Anhakha’s hands.

The crew saw Wookiee pelts within the box, and swiftly sealed it back up. They decided to deliver the cargo and try to find out more information about Mr E when they got there. They landed on a pad at Nal Hutta and met the Toydarian who arranged for his assorted crew to collect the goods. The crew successfully lied about the damaged box, saying that they had hit some space debris which caused the box to fall and become dented. However, the Toydarian was still suspicious.

Declining the offer to wait in his office, Dane Reynoll enticed the Toydarian into the ship with the offer of some fine wine. Meanwhile, the others waited until the last box was taken away and the loading team left before signalling for Nomi to close the door and take off. In a brief scuffle, the Toydarian was captured and bound up with tape. Dane began to threaten then torture him for information, breaking one of his legs severely. When it was clear he was not giving up everything he knew, she took him to the loading ramp and, after asking Nomi to open it, held the helpless Toydarian above the planet. The threats didn’t quite work however, potentially due to his fear of Mr E and Anhakha intervened. The Jedi decided he could not allow this creature to die, and convinced Dane to stop. The doors were closed, and the unfortunate Toydarian was throw to the floor. This final impact knocked him unconscious and he was swiftly locked up in the storage cupboard, which the crew now refer to as “The Brig”.

They were able to retrieve the broken Datapad after a scuffle with the Toydarian, but it was unfixable. Prior to his brutal interrogation, the Toydarian informed them that he would be unable, as well as unwilling, to fix the datapad without the correct tools and several days to work on it. 2 partial messages were able to be viewed on the screen, though the significance of them is as yet unknown.

There has not yet been payment for this job, and neither has anything been heard from Mr E.

Routine Delivery

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