The New Republic

The New Republic formed after the fall of the Galactic Empire, during the Age of Heroes. Following old traditions, the Galactic Senate sit on Coruscant. Most planets in the galaxy have members within the Senate with a couple of notable exceptions, including Nal Hutta and Mandalore.

The Senate currently maintains strong ties to The Jedi for two main reasons. The first is to oversee and regulate the Jedi Order, ensuring they follow Galactic Law. The second reason is for security, the Jedi can watch over the senate for corruption from agents of the Dark Side. They hope that this way they can avoid a repeat of Palpatine’s rise to power.

The New Republic does not have any one ruler, however there are 3 appointed Mediators to deal with any cases of disagreement. They are not given any power other than to solve difficult disputes between the Senators, allowing interplanetary conflicts to be avoided.

Each planet has 2 appointed members to sit on the Senate. These have been elected from the governments of their planets and work together to protect the interests of their people. They both have the same amount of decision making power and will collaborate to avoid disagreement. Although they work as a pair it is unusual for any senators to be in the same place – given past circumstances they minimize the risk of assassination, corruption and overthrow. It will often be the case that while one Senator is on Coruscant, the other will be on their homeworld overseeing and liaising with local government.

The New Republic

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