State of the Galaxy 175 ABY

The general state of the Galaxy in 175 ABY is as follows.

The Age of Heroes, in which the Jedi Luke Skywalker and his companions were able to defeat the Galactic Empire ruled by Emperor Palpatine (Darth Sidious) and Darth Vader, has long since ended. The tales are that of legend, though there are those who teach the history in hopes of preventing it reoccurring.

The New Republic has been well established, uniting the planets of the galaxy under one banner with the Galactic Senate at its heart. As it has in ages before, the Senate gathers upon Coruscant, establishing and maintaining galactic law. Many trade routes flourish and interplanetary wars have been kept at bay with skillful negotiating and peacekeeping.

The Jedi are ruled by a new council, which has gone back to the strict rules of the past despite Luke Skywalker’s intention to form a different system with more understanding. Many Jedi Academies can be found across the galaxy, forming a whole network for training Force Sensitive recruits. Largely focused on training and peacekeeping, the Jedi have strong links to the New Republic – which differs greatly from the past when they would stay distant from politics. The leaders are satisfied this allows the Jedi to be governed too while also letting the Jedi stand as wardens against corruption from agents of the Dark Side.

Despite the peace across the galaxy, the age old problems of criminal activities have not been eliminated. From black markets to full crime syndicates, there will always be those who believe themselves above the law, or who simply regard following the law as optional.

Across both campaigns the state of the galaxy will be uncovered and altered as players travel, witness and affect the world around them. Both Void and Vice campaigns share the same galaxy and timelines, therefore what happens in one may impact the other in unforeseen ways. Large scale changes will be listed on this page.

State of the Galaxy 175 ABY

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