Star Wars - Tales from the Void

The Story So Far - Tales from the Void

The crew of the Golden Duck and their many adventures.

The crew of the Golden Duck, a medium sized smuggling vessel, have already been through many adventures together.

Twi’lek Scoundrel Nomi Vih’torr had travelled with the Human Soldier, Dane Reynoll, for some time before they were joined by the Ithorian Jedi Anhakha and Wookiee Scout Loubacca.

Their early missions involved some exploration and led to the discovery of several abandoned ships, floating outside the orbit of planets such as Tattooine. Upon investigation of the ships, they found the crew dead and blood stains covering the walls, floors and ceilings of the ships. It appeared as if no cargo was missing, though they did find amongst the cargo each time an unusual Metal Box (see The Box).

Each Metal Box appeared to be completely untarnished, in a shining silver. While it looked like a crate, there was no way to open or even move the box. The crew tried everything they could think of, even using the lightsaber to try and force their way into the box. Nothing made a dent, so they moved on.

Later, following a short but intense space battle, the Golden Duck crash landed on a planet. Carefully avoiding a herd of Reeks, the crew moved forward in search of the crashes Sith shuttle. Here they came into contact with 3 Sith – a Yuuzan Vong named Voron Kain and the Twi’lek sisters, Ora and Losa Taa. An intense battle followed, in which some of the Reeks were pulled into the fight. Loubacca was able to punch a Reek so hard in the face that its entire skull caved in and exploded in a shower of blood, while the crew were able to defeat and kill the Sith.

They repaired the ship and moved onwards, and along their travels encountered a bar on Tattooine in which they found a few quests. They found the “lost” daughter of a distraught woman in the bar. It turned out that the daughter wished to leave, and eventually departed to join the military. The crew informed the mother that her daughter was safe but had left to pursue her own life, which was not what the mother wanted to hear. They managed to appease her and left, but not before Anhakha called her home a “crapshack” – a social faux pas which has earned him much mocking from his companions since then.

The crew traveled a while until they found themselves low on money, fuel and food supplies. Nomi looked for some work using the pirate network Rumtree.Here she was able to find a couple of options for the crew to pursue.

The first was a legal but secretive transport mission for a client known only as Mr E. (For full details see Routine Delivery). They delivered the goods to the contact on Nal Hutta but had tampered with one of the boxes and found them to be full of Wookiee pelts. KIdnapping the “Toydarian” who had been assigned to oversee the delivery, they tortured him for information. Unfortunately even the most brutal techniques turned up no new information, so he was locked in the storage cupboard which was designated as “The Brig”.

The second job was an illegal smuggling run for an old contact, Korran Hold. (For full details see Kessel Runners) The crew picked up a shipment of Glitterstim supplied secretly by The Guard in Yellow Glasses. They also encountered the Wookiee slave Ralrra and an old contact of Dane’s, the Twi’lek Guard. They delivered the shipment in full to Haskit Eska’Ki on Bothawui. However, upon returning to the ship they found the workers who had been unloading the shipment were dead and encountered their attackers hiding in stealth. After the battle, they decided to pay a visit to the nearby city.

Will they solve the mysteries hidden in the Datapads corrupted messages? Will they ever find out who Mr E really is? Will Anhakha ever live down the “crapshack incident”? Find out soon as the adventure continues!



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