A middle man for Mr E who was collecting the shipment on Nal Hutta.




Routine Delivery – The Toydarian was a contact for Mr E who was due to collect the goods delivered from Kashyyyk to pass on to the next contact. During the mission, he was kidnapped and tortured for information.

Last Seen

He was last seen tied up and unconscious in the ship’s storage room, aka “The Brig”


Race: Toydarian
Gender: Male
Profession: Shipyard Manager
Home Planet: Nal Hutta (Current)

Physical Appearance: A stocky toydarian but otherwise no distinguishing features. Apart from his now mangled leg.

Personality: Cautious, precise and bordering on cowardly. He holds a lot of fear for his employer.


Mr E is involved in his employment, and uses him as a middle man in shipping jobs.


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