Wookiee Slave on Kessel


Kessel Runners

Last Seen
Ralrra was last seen unconscious and being returned to the slave housing on Kessel. He was subdued by a guard after trying to beg for his freedom and turning to violence against the crew.


Race: Wookiee
Gender: Male
Profession: Slave
Home Planet: Kashyyyk (Exiled) Kessel (current)

Physical Appearance: A heavily muscled but worn Wookiee. His fur is covered in grime from the mines and his eyes are reddened from the strain of being underground in the dark.

Personality: Desperate and aggressive.

Loubacca is aware of his crimes, and is unwilling to save him from his fate as a slave on Kessel.

The Tattooed Twi’lek subdued Ralrra and returned him to the slave compound.


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