Nomi Vih'torr

A red skinned female Twi'lek, captain of The Golden Duck


Race: Twi’lek
Gender: Female
Class: Scoundrel
Home Planet: Unknown

Physical Appearance: Nomi is of mid-tall height, with a rich red skin tone. She has a couple of tattoos on her body, including one she doesn’t show to anyone – nobody is quite sure where it is…. She has purple eyes and typically wears a little make up. She generally wears close fitting outfits and a short flight jacket.

Personality: Nomi is bisexual and naturally flirtatious. She also drinks an awful lot, to the point where some might accuse her of being an alcoholic. She has a good sense of humour and tries not to take life too seriously if she doesn’t have to. Nomi is an excellent pilot and has been known to fly well through difficult territories.

Korran Hold is an old contact who occasionally passes on smuggling jobs to her. She finds his oddball humour most amusing, and is keen to keep a good relationship with him to ensure future work when she needs the credits.

Dane Reynoll has travelled with Nomi for some time now, and the two share a strange friendship with plenty of insults traded back and forth. Overall, Nomi cares for Dane as a comrade and confidant.

Loubacca joined the crew later on, and has proven a worth companion. Nomi has a lot of respect for the Wookiee and his incredible strength. She can never quite forget the time Loubacca punched a Reek right in the face causing its head to explode. She made a mental note never to get on his bad side.

Anhakha is an odd concept to Nomi – an Ithorian Jedi who doesn’t always act like one might expect of a Jedi. She is nevertheless glad of his company aboard the ship, and is particularly grateful for his healing powers.

Nomi Vih'torr

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