Rodian bartender on Kessel.




Kessel Runners

Navik was encountered in the Silver Swan Cantina within Kessel’s mining camp. He recognised the use of a pass phrase and recommended the party look for The Guard in Yellow Glasses in the evening. He seemed to be fairly knowledgeable of the happenings within the facility.

Last Seen

Navik was last seen still behind the bar.


Race: Rodian
Gender: Male
Profession: Cantina Owner/Bartender
Home Planet: Kessel (Current)

Physical Appearance: Navik is a green skinned Rodian, with a few light scars on his face. He is well dressed and takes care of his appearance as well as the Cantina.

Personality: He is helpful and has a sense of humour alongside a serious tone when required.


The Guard in Yellow Glasses is also an employee at the mines and likely comes to the Cantina.

Twi’lek Guard Is another employee at the mines and would again be likely to visit the Cantina.

Arbo Nunb is Navik’s employer.


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