Korran Hold

A Corellian human male who runs smuggling jobs.



Kessel Runners


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Profession: Crime Lord (Small Time Smuggling)
Home Planet: Corellia

Physical Appearance: Not much is known about Korran Hold, as only Nomi has met him in person.

Personality: Korran is a smuggler who has made his way up the chain to now be organising the deliveries rather than actively participating. He has an odd sense of humour and a penchant for code words and phrases.

Nomi Vih’torr has taken plenty of jobs from him in the past. He values her discretion and ability to get the job done.

The Guard in Yellow Glasses on Kessel is his main contact for Glitterstim smuggling. Again he is satisfied with how things run in this sense.

Haskit Eska’Ki has recently been a recipient of a shipment of Glitterstim spice in a shipment arranged by Hold.

Korran Hold

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