Haskit Eska'Ki

Female Bothan who received the delivery of Glitterstim from Kessel.



Quest Appearances

The Kessel Runners

Haskit appeared from stealth in the agreed meeting spot at the clearing in the woods of Bothawui. She allowed her own men to unload the Glitterstim spice, while she led the crew to her office hidden under a secret door. When returning to the landing site, the crew found a group of skilled attackers hiding in stealth, surrounded by the bodies of those who had been unloading the cargo. Haskit vanished into stealth during combat, returning to take care of her men when the area was clear.

Haskit was last seen tending to the remainder of her troops who were injured and burning the dead.


Race: Bothan
Gender: Female
Profession: Unknown
Home Planet: Bothawui

Physical Appearance: A well dressed Bothan female who is equipped with a stealth unit.

Personality: Cautious and discreet.

Korran Hold arranged her delivery of Glitterstim from Kessel. Her reason for ordering this is unknown.

Haskit Eska'Ki

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