Twi'lek Guard

A male blue Twi'lek employed as a guard on Kessel.



Quests: Kessel Runners he intercepted Ralrra, a Wookiee begging to be taken off Kessel that had then attacked the crew upon refusal. He then had a conversation with Dane Reynoll, ending their discussion by agreeing he would help her if she found their mutual foe. He informed her he would remain at his post on Kessel until then. He later helped the crew avoid a Republic patrol encounter by confirming to them that the ship had been there to visit him.

Last Seen: Returning the unconscious Wookiee to slave quarters on Kessel.


Race: Twi’lek
Gender: Male
Profession: Guard
Homeworld: Unknown. Kessel (Current)

Physical Appearance: He is a blue skinned Twi’lek with a facial tattoo identical to Dane’s. He wears a guard uniform with minimal armour and carries a remote and what looks like a stun baton.

Personality: He is suspicious initially upon encountering Dane, but after a brief discussion he agreed to aid her in the future. He is very serious about his job and stern and cautious in his nature.

Dane Reynoll knows the name and history of this guard. She has a connection to him from a shared past, which may be related to their identical tattoos.
Arbo Nunb is his current employer.
The Guard in Yellow Glasses is a co-worker on Kessel.

Twi'lek Guard

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