Star Wars - Tales from the Void

Characters - Tales from the Void

List of Active and Known Characters in the Void storylines.

This is a full list of known characters in the Tales from the Void campaign. To see more details on each character individually, please click on their name to visit their character page.

Crew of The Golden Duck
Nomi Vih’torr – Twi’lek Captain, Pilot, NPC
Dane Reynoll – Human Soldier, PC
Anhakha – Ithorian Jedi, PC
Loubacca – Wookiee Scout, PC

Known Allies and Contacts
Twi’lek Guard – Twi’lek, Former associate of Dane, Guard on Kessel
Korran Hold – Human, Smuggler, Contact of Nomi
The Guard in Yellow Glasses – Human, Guard on Kessel
Navik – Rodian, Bartender and Cantina Owner on Kessel
Haskit Eska’Ki – Bothan, Contact for Smuggling Delivery

Known Enemies and Antagonists
Mr E – Unknown, Involved in Illegal Wookiee Pelt Trade
Ralrra – Wookiee Slave on Kessel, Known Criminal from Kashyyyk
Voron Kain – Yuuzahn Vong, Sith Apprentice, Deceased
Losa Taa – Twi’lek, Sith Acolyte, Deceased
Ora Taa – Twi’lek, Sith Acolyte, Deceased

Other Known Characters
“Toydarian” – Toydarian, Works for Mr E
Arbo Nunb – Sullustan, Runs Spice Mines on Kessel
Kiro Nunb – Sullustan, Works for Mr E
Aril Nep – Sullustan, Owner of small store on Kessel, has many “magazines”



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