Dane Reynoll

Dane is a human female Soldier and former mercenary.



STR 14 // +2
DEX 9 // -1
CON 13 // +1
INT 10 // +0
WIS 11 // +0
CHA 14 // +2

Fortitude 19
Reflex 16
Willpower 16

MAX HP = 55


Speed 6
Initiative +11
Perception +5
Base Attack +5

* Force Points 7 //
Destiny Points 5*

Endurance +5
Knowledge (Mechanics, inc Weapons) +7
Perception +7
Survival +7

Talents – Weapon Specialist (Large), Melee Smash, Expert Grappler

Feats – Weapons (Simple), Weapons (Pistols), Weapons (Rifles), Armour (Light), Armour (Medium), Dead Eye, Charging Fire, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Martial Artist,

Languages: Basic

Special: Gay as Fuck


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Soldier
Homeworld: Unknown
Age: 25
Weight: 57kg
Height: 5’6"

Physical Appearance: At 5’6" tall Dane has a slender but athletic/muscular build. She has short, vivid red hair and a ferocious look in her eyes. She has scarring across one shoulder and the side of her face. She also has a distinctive tattoo of 3 lines beneath one eye.

Personality: Dane seems to value strength, and has yet to back down from a fight. She is struggling with an addiction to Stims, and occasionally suffers from withdrawal that causes her to miss shots she would otherwise easily make, or stumble during battle. She is, however, determined and does not let a mistake stop her from getting what she wants in life.

Twi’lek Guard shares a common foe from their past.

Nomi Vih’torr has been a companion for some time before the rest of the crew joined up. They have an often conflicting friendship, frequently trading insults. Despite this, they have travelled across the Galaxy in search of their fortunes.

Anhakha and Loubacca are newer additions to the crew.

Dane Reynoll

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