Star Wars Tales from the Void


The galaxy is currently being run by a republic senate. It has been 170 years since the Empire was overthrown and a new Republic built in its place. Much of the galaxy has recovered from the “star” wars between the Empire’s forces and the Rebellion. This era is generally referred to as the “Age of Heroes”, with some still celebrating the day that the final battle above the forest moon of Endor was won. Descendents of the rebellion’s greatest heroes are still around, however their whereabouts are unknown. Many events have occurred over the past 170 years, shaping the Galaxy into what it is now.

Born into this era are an unlikely team: Loubacca, a Wookiee scout who left his home seeking answers, Dane, a human former mercenary with a stim addiction, and Anhakha, an Ithorian Jedi with slightly questionable social skills. Thrown together by fate, the trio travel aboard a ship owned by Dane’s unlikely friend Nomi – a drunken Twi’lek pilot with a habit of causing minor chaos in her travels.

Together the crew are venturing through the galaxy, making their fortune and reaching towards their Destiny.

Star Wars - Tales from the Void

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